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Nano Valley Consortium (NVC)

A Strategic Private-Public Partnership: Nano Valley Consortium (NVC)

A Member Project of the National Nanotechology Manufacturing Center (NNMC)

The Nano Valley Consortium (NVC) is member-based group comprised of commercial, academic, government agencies and organizations that work together to identify, develop, manage, and implement nanotechnology projects that benefit both military and commercial purposes. It operates within NNMC as its "agent-parent," which manages and facilitates Consortium activities.
The Consortium is a project-focused group with specific objectives and measured outcomes. Membership offers the opportunity to work with others for enhanced access to research and/or early transitioning of technology resulting in rapid market entry, leverage research investment, greater access to facilities and equipment, and broader testing and evaluation capabilities.
As an added benefit, you may find members to be your future customer, supplier, partner.
Partnership Model:
The Consortium provides a cooperative environment to identify opportunities and problem areas shared by the Army and the partners. ARDEC is the lead Research, Development and Engineering Center (RDEC) for the Army and is this Consortium's primary customer.

  • Identify common areas of strategic importance
  • Develop projects for dual use applications through teams
  • Build relationships that provide capabilities or assets to accelerate technology fielding and commercialization
  • Augments or enhances existing projects
  • Offers technology insertion windows

Key Member Benefits

Membership is open to any company, university, or government agency interested in participating with other members to commercialize nanotechnology for dual purpose use, commercial and military. Members must be willing to collaborate with other members and work in appropriate project teams as individual opportunities arise, and to contribute resources as needed, such as technology, facilities, equipment, time, expertise or funding.

  • Team approach to Military contracts and requests
  • Sharing of costs, risks, resources, capabilities and market experiences -leveraging investments
  • Opportunity to work with government and other companies
  • Pushes maturity of nano-manufacturing sciences and capabilities
  • Facilitates tech transfer to industrial base and encourages responsiveness to technology changes

NNI has invested $8.3B in nanotechnology research. Their focus is now shifting to applications, manufacturing, and commercialization. Be a part of it!

NVC Membership Fee & Member Agreement

Annual membership is fee-based and covers administrative and direct costs incurred by NNMC on behalf of the Consortium. The first year's annual membership is $5,000. Exceptions are start-up companies with under $5m in revenue; the dues are reduced to $2,500.

To join the Consortium, a signed Member Agreement must be accompanied by payment in full of one year of membership fees.
At the beginning of each NVC fiscal year in October, both the fee and a signed Members Agreement are due.The agreement is to be signed 'as-is' so that all members are abiding by the same agreement. Please contact the NNMC if you have any questions regarding the agreement. The Membership Agreement may be amended each year based on recommendation of the members, voted on by the CEC, and approved by NNMC's Board of Directors.

Do We Want You?

The Nano Valley Consortium is looking for new members to round out its capabilities, resources, and areas of expertise.

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DEFINITIONS: Consortiums – Pick One

A cooperative arrangement among groups or institutions.
A group of separate companies that come together to undertake an enterprise or transaction that is beyond the means of any one member.
A consortium is an association of two or more individuals, companies, organizations or governments (or any combination of these entities) with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.
Consortiums are cooperative groups of organizations with a similar mission or purpose who pool their purchasing power to improve service, time to market, and quality and drive down pricing. By participating in consortiums, organizations can approach suppliers with a much larger purchasing volume. In return, the suppliers offer better values to the consortium members.
Consortium is a Latin word, meaning 'partnership, association or society' and derives from consors 'partner', itself from con- 'together' and sors 'fate', meaning owner of means or comrade.

Pick your favorite definition and Join NVC!